Brand Promotion & Activation

Canter Activation

Canter activity advertising and activation is one of the best medium of advertising for all scales of businesses. It has the aptitude of placing the advertisement at multiple places in the best time instance, with more than 100+ satisfied clients for canter activation, Sutradhaar has the most competent service record.

Society Activation

Society activation offers a platform to get to your target audience directly and in a pragmatic environment that they are comfortable in and we at Sutradhaar are the experts to deliver the process.

Mall Promotion

At Sutradhaar, we clock a whopping 35% of conversion rate with audiences during mall promotions with comprehended mall activation along with innovative concept planning and execution.

Dealer Board

Dealer board activations are an advantageous platform for brands to influence their audience and reinforce their brand image in the psyche of their target group. At Sutradhaar, our team develop riveting dealer board activation setups that concur with the said brand’s marketing campaigns and manufactures setups that help brands to achieve their marketing goals.

Mall Promotion

Mall promotion and activation enables brands to leverage the point-of-sale platform. Consumers in shopping centres are in a spending mood and usually possess a higher disposable income thus, reacting openly to on-site promotions. Malls provide an ideal stage for brands to fall and engage their target audience making it a lucrative platform for mall activations and mall promotion activities. Sutradhaar has successfully catered to many renowned brands for their mall promotions. Sutradhaar’s entire range of modular solutions is meticulously designed to offer you a hassle-free BTL and mall activations experience.

Flee Market Promotion

The success of a brand has become increasingly dependent on maximizing its exposure to the niche audience. One such marketplace is a Flee Market where targeted niche consumer are awaiting and prepared to ‘buy’ given the right convince exposure. Our team at Sutradhaar are the experts you are looking for to organize and develop a successful cost-benefit strategy for Flee Market Promotion and Activation.

Brand Promotion & Activation

We have been in this industry for two decades and are offering flawless services for the 3D Designing and trade shows. Just take
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